Sports foothealth tips: sock it to them this spring

As the days get longer and the snow becomes more of a distant memory, thousands of Canadians will find themselves left out of their favourite sport or activities because of foot problems caused by – their socks.

Yes, their socks. The humble sock plays a highly important role in every level of sport, from track and field to tennis or soccer. You can spend a small fortune on the very best athletic shoes, and still be incapacitated by an ill-fitting sock.

  • Wear a sock that is too loose, and you will end up with blisters and sore feet as the sock rolls around during activity.
  • Wear a sock that is too tight, and you will cramp your toes, and cause them to rub together. Over time, this may result in an ingrown toenail.

Specialist sport socks

Nowadays you can choose from a whole range of socks especially designed for specific sports, including knee high soccer socks, mid calf running socks, and ankle height trainer socks. Most summer athletic socks are made from cotton with added synthetic materials for stretch and hold. Some brands offer an ergonomic fit for left and right feet, and others special features such as odour neutralising finishes.

Hot feet and wet feet

Choose an appropriate good fitting sock, and it will protect your feet by wicking away moisture from the skin, keeping your feet at the optimum temperature and humidity.

If your feet get wet or sweaty, drying them and putting on a clean pair of socks with a dusting of talc of foot powder will help prevent athlete’s foot and fungal infections. Remember to always dry out your shoes if they get wet, and use newspaper to keep the shoe in shape and absorb excess water from inside the shoe.

Smelly feet!

When your athletic or training shoes start to smell, (and it’s highly likely they will) don’t just banish them to the porch or basement, bring them along to one of our foot clinics for deodourizing. Our service will kill bacteria and fungus inside the shoe leaving it fresh and ready for action. Combine this with fresh clean socks every day, and your feet will be in clover (so to speak!).

If you have any concerns about the fit of your shoes and socks, or have developed problems such as bunions, warts, fungal nail infections or athlete’s foot, we can help. Call us at any of our specialist foot clinics and make an appointment, for expert foot care in Stratford, London or Ingersoll.

Published On: June 18, 2014