High Arches

If you have high arches, you may not have even noticed until you have tried to buy shoes and discovered they don’t fit well in your arch or across the top of your foot.

High arches, or pes cavus, are the opposite of flat feet, where the foot arch is higher than normal. ‘Pes cavus’ means ‘hollow foot’ in Latin, and shows as a foot which is highly arched even at rest or when bearing weight. It can cause discomfort when walking or pain due to extra compression of the toe bones (metatarsals), and estimates suggest that as much as 10% of a given population will have high arches.

Treatments for High Arches

The good news is that high arches, like flat feet, can often be treated with custom-made orthotics, special devices placed in your normal footwear that provide proper support to your foot arch.

At Hunt Footcare, we take great care to assess your high arch problem, and carefully measure every inch of your foot, to create a custom-made orthotic that is the perfect fit for your foot. Unlike over the counter insoles or supports, custom orthotics are made to fit every curve of your foot, so they are both incredibly comfortable and unique to you!

For expert advice on both high arches and custom-made orthotics, call Hunt Footcare, your local specialists in Ingersoll, Stratford and London, Ontario.


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