Custom Orthotics & Orthopedic Appliances from Hunt Footcare

Most of our patients agree, custom orthotics have improved their lives. Gone are their foot and ankle pain, sore heels and lower leg pain, thanks to a custom-made orthotics placed into their shoes that corrects the foot position, enabling better, freer movement and reducing muscle strain and tiredness.

Our sporting patients love the fact that orthotics can actually increase their endurance and boost their performance, whilst our hard-working patients who stand all day are finally free of feet-associated aches and pains after work.

Equally, custom-made orthopedic appliances can help correct more acute problems, often without the need for surgery, or after corrective surgery to aid healing and correct alignment. Our range includes custom-made orthopedic footwear and braces, combined with therapy, medication and joint mobilization treatments to get you up and about again.

How do I know if I need orthotics?

If you suffer from any sort of foot, heel, ankle or lower limb pain, or even back pain, after standing for significant times, when walking, or when participating in sports, come and see us for a proper assessment by our specialist.

We’ll review your medical and surgical history including injuries, before undertaking a biomechanical examination of your feet and legs. Biomechanics is simply our way of taking a good look at your foot structure, alignment, range of motion and other features. Next, we’ll ask you to stand and walk so we can assess your movement (gait), and identify any imbalances or issues. We will also review x-rays and diagnostic tests when required to make a more comprehensive diagnosis.

Once we’ve got our assessment, we’ll take a detailed impression of your feet and create custom-made orthotics. The orthotics are made for your feet, and your feet alone, for a perfectly comfortable fit that keeps your feet fit and healthy, and you walking with a spring in your step again!

Hunt Footcare have such a reputation for our custom orthotics that our patients happily travel from Woodstock, Tillsonburg, St. Mary’s, Strathroy, Mitchel, Alymer, St. Thomas and Brantford to our clinics in London, Stratford or Ingersoll.


London Foot Specialists

You’ll find our London office centrally located just off Oxford Street West on Wharncliffe Road North.

Stratford Foot & Ankle Clinic

Our Stratford clinic is located on the north side of Huron Street with plenty of parking on the west side of the building.

Ingersoll Foot & Ankle Clinic

Our Ingersoll chiropody and podiatric clinic has plenty of parking, and is located at the junction of Thames Street South and Canterbury/Anne Street.