Nerve Problems

Nerve-related pain in our feet is different from pain caused by stresses or strains on the ligaments and muscles. Nerve problems related to our feet are caused when nerves are irritated or damaged, either directly or through ill health.

Nerve cells relay messages from our brains right around our body. There are two types of nerves – motor nerves (which stimulate and monitor movement), and sensory nerves, which provide us with the ability to feel or sense. When a nerve is damaged and unable to carry these messages, the condition is known as neuropathy.

What does nerve pain feel like?

Nerve pain is usually felt as a burning, shooting or stabbing pain that occurs seemingly without warning, both when mobile and when resting. It can be caused by a variety of conditions, the most common being a trapped, entrapped or pinched nerve. The nerve is ‘trapped’ by trauma such as swelling or inappropriate pressure, which can be as simple and an over-tight shoe. Athletes and sportspeople might also suffer from tarsal tunnel syndrome, while fans of high heel shoes might suffer from Morton’s neuroma, where a nerve between the third and fourth toes gets squeezed too hard by narrow shoes.

At Hunt Footcare, we’ll take time to careful assess and diagnose the cause of your nerve pain. Our extensive knowledge of both human anatomy and specialization in gait and other foot related movement usually enables us to pinpoint the problem and offer straightforward solutions. As with many other feet conditions, by creating custom-made orthotics (devices slipped into normal footwear) designed and made just for your feet, we can often alleviate symptoms and restore you to pain-free walking again.

To free yourself from leg and foot nerve pain, call Hunt Footcare now. Our foot nerve pain clinics in Ingersoll, London, and Stratford are within an easy drive of Woodstock, Tillsonburg, St. Mary’s, Strathroy, Mitchel, Alymer, St. Thomas and Brantford


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