Ingrown Toenails and Nail Care Services at Hunt Footcare

Ingrown toenails are on of the most common foot problems we treat here at Hunt Footcare, particularly amongst our younger patients who love their sports. Ingrown toenails usually occur at the side of your big toe, and what starts as a red and swollen patch may quickly become infected.

What is an Ingrown Toenail?

The cause of an ingrowing toenail is a spike of toenail growing into the skin at the side of your toe. Most likely, it has grown that way due to incorrect cutting of your toenails and/or overly tight footwear. In addition excessive flexible tissue around the rigid nail plate can result in an ingrown nail. Ingrown nails are one of the most common problems in our younger patients.

Treatments for Ingrown Toenails

Luckily, ingrown toenails are easy to treat, and Hunt Footcare can help with trimming and proper nail cutting advice. If the problem reoccurs, we offer ‘walk in walk out’ ingrown toenail surgery at any of our clinics, where we numb the toe with anesthetic and simply remove a portion of the nail and/or skin. With anesthetic it is virtually painless, highly effective.

If you have an infection associated with an ingrown nail, we can prescribe medication, both oral and topical as required, to cure the problem.


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