Professional Treatment for Corns and Calluses

Calluses and corns are caused when bony parts of your foot rub against your footwear or hard surfaces, and can be caused by incorrect movements of the foot or when your weight is not evenly distributed.

Calluses on your feet

Calluses are diffuse areas of thickened skin that feel rough and often cause a burning/tingling sensation. You are more at risk in occupations where long periods of standing are required, such as nursing or industrial work places. It is the repetitive pressure and friction that results in this layer of thick and dead skin, that can be painful when you walk, and look unsightly too.

Foot corns

Corns are a distinctively shaped conical callus of dead skin. Corns usually form on smooth (glabrous) skin on the toes or feet, and have a yellowish tinge. They are hard to the touch, and can make walking both difficult and painful. Corns are often caused by over-tight or narrow footwear, and treatment after removal will include reducing the pressure on the affected area to give it time to heal.

Why choose Hunt Footcare for corn and callus treatments

There are many treatments on sale over the counter, but none really solve the underlying problems and some are actually potentially harmful – especially in patients with diabetes. Never attempt to cut a corn or callus yourself, or you will be giving an open invitation to infection of both the surface and underlying tissue in your feet – ouch!

At Hunt Footcare, we take time to find out why you have corns and calluses in the first place, treat those you have, and prevent others from appearing. This may include providing inserts, known as orthotics, into your footwear to alleviate pain and reduce pressure points. For more details on our Ontario orthotic services, see our Custom Orthotics page.


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