Foot Surgery at Hunt Footcare

At Hunt Footcare, we specialise in keeping feet active and healthy, and many common foot problems can be corrected and treated without the need for surgery. When surgery is advised, our team can either carry out soft tissue and other procedures onsite, or suggest referral to a specialist orthopedic surgeon in the area.

In-Clinic Foot Surgery

Foot Surgery can be completed at our clinics on a scheduled basis.  Our Chiropodist is licensed to perform soft tissue surgery so we can help with:

  • ingrown toenail
  • nail removal surgery
  • corn excision surgery
  • injection therapy
  • wart surgery

Our team can also advise on surgical solutions to common problems such as:

  • bunions
  • toe realignment
  • hammer and claw toe straightening
  • broken, fractured or dislocated toes
  • metatarsal surgery
  • joint and ankle surgery
  • sports injury surgery
  • heel surgery
  • other foot surgery

Remember, prevention is better than cure, and many common foot problems need little more than expert advice and regular care to be solved once and for all. For a confidential consultation on your foot problems, call us for an appointment.


London Foot Specialists

You’ll find our London office centrally located just off Oxford Street West on Wharncliffe Road North.

Stratford Foot & Ankle Clinic

Our Stratford clinic is located on the north side of Huron Street with plenty of parking on the west side of the building.

Ingersoll Foot & Ankle Clinic

Our Ingersoll chiropody and podiatric clinic has plenty of parking, and is located at the junction of Thames Street South and Canterbury/Anne Street.