Hunt Footcare: Specialists in Foot, Ankle and Heel Pain Treatment

  • Sore ankles or heels when walking?
  • Foot pain as a result of a sports or work injury?
  • Stiff joints or swollen feet?

At Hunt Footcare, we understand how foot pain and in particular, heel pain can really affect your life. When your feet are painful every movement becomes more difficult, from walking to driving, let alone sports. Our team has helped thousands of patients free themselves from heel, ankle and foot pain, often without the need for drugs, surgery or time off work.

Free Yourself from Heel Pain with Hunt Footcare

Many people don’t realize just how painful, and serious, heel pain can be. Don’t ignore heel pain; when patients come to us within two weeks of their heels becoming sore, most recover much faster than if they leave it for longer, when the problem simply increases.

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to visit our heel and ankle pain specialists; just book an appointment and we’ll spend time discussing your problem, assessing your feet and recommending a course of treatment as required. Our team have successfully treated patients with heel pain, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, heel injuries from sports or work, heel spurs, cracked heels and dry heels, so come and see us soon to end your heel pain.

Foot and Ankle Pain Treatments from Hunt Footcare

Whatever your foot pain symptoms, Hunt Footcare can help. We take time to assess exactly what’s causing your pain, which may come from walking (gait) problems as much as an injury, structural foot problem (biomechanical) or foot disease. Painful ankles can be due to a wide variety of issues, from standing too long at work to ‘weekend warrior’ sports injuries, and again many of our patients fully recover with the right balance of therapy, joint mobilization, exercises and when required custom orthotics and or braces.

At Hunt Footcare, we also offer both laser and ultrasound treatments for ankle and heel pain. Laser treatment is beneficial for soft tissue rehabilitation after injury, as is ultrasound. The action of both treatments speed the healing process by increasing blood flow, reducing swelling and associated discomfort, and gently massaging muscle tendons or ligaments in the treated regions. If required, Hunt Footcare can prescribe medication to help reduce your inflammation and pain.


London Foot Specialists

You’ll find our London office centrally located just off Oxford Street West on Wharncliffe Road North.

Stratford Foot & Ankle Clinic

Our Stratford clinic is located on the north side of Huron Street with plenty of parking on the west side of the building.

Ingersoll Foot & Ankle Clinic

Our Ingersoll chiropody and podiatric clinic has plenty of parking, and is located at the junction of Thames Street South and Canterbury/Anne Street.