Sprains and Strains

For some foot and ankle conditions, a soft fabric-based knee or ankle support is just not sufficient, and you might require an orthopedic brace. Orthopedic braces provide proper support for your foot, ankle, knee or lower leg, allowing just the right amount of movement to either correct issues or aid healing after surgery.

Just like custom orthotics, at Hunt Footcare we want to understand the root of your problem, and then assess if a brace is the correct solution for you after a detailed and thorough consultation. So, before you search online for ankle brace prices, come to us to ensure it’s the right way to solve your foot or ankle problems.

Ankle braces for sprained ankles

Most people associate ankle braces with sports injuries to ligaments and muscles, although it’s just as easy to turn an ankle on a slippery dance floor or icy pavement. Whatever the cause, a properly fitted ankle brace can speed your recovery and protect your ankle as it heals. Ankle braces offer a high level of support, and often feature rigid panels or splints led in place by straps. Thanks to modern developments, ankle braces can be both lightweight and discreet.


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