CONGRATULATIONS HEATHER 20th Year Anniversary on August 4, 2018

Heather Winslow joined London Foot Specialists as an employee 20 years ago when we were at St. Joseph’s Health Care. In addition to performing a wide array of tasks, she is dedicated to her job, loyal to her colleagues, and diligent in her work. Heather is a remarkably dedicated employee who views Hunt Foot Care as part of her extended family. She is invariably the first to arrive early each morning, and cheerfully supports colleagues. She has been instrumental in fostering a friendly, interactive and collaborative work environment, including remembrance and celebration of birthdays, the occasional birth or marriage. Heather’s dedication extends beyond a regular workday, often visiting patients in their homes. When a longstanding patient passes, Heather can be found expressing her sympathies to the family. Her caring nature, dedication, and work ethic have defined the spirit of Hunt Foot Care and she plays a major role in its achievements. In all that she brings to her job Heather enjoys life. She excels as a loving daughter, sister, aunt, and a mother of two wonderful children and an adoring grandson. In her spare time Heather values the special times with her family, church and relaxing by the pool.

Thank you Heather for your dedication over the last 20 years! J. Craig Hunt

Published On: September 25, 2018