Athlete’s foot: not just for athletes

Now that the weather is better and the sun has warmth again, many more of us will be outside enjoying our favourite sports or pastimes.

That also means that a lot more of us are getting hot sweaty feet in training or running shoes, creating the ideal conditions for athlete’s foot.

What is athlete’s foot?

Athlete’s foot is a skin condition caused by a fungus that loves dark, moist, warm places to grow, like in between your toes or in areas around locker room showers and swimming pools. So if you don’t dry your feet after a swim, or change out of sweaty socks for the drive home, your chances of developing this painful condition increase dramatically.

The fungal infection causes your skin to burn and itch, and often results in blisters that break open the skin leaving red raw patches that are sore and swollen. It’s also a very persistent fungus that can live on other surfaces for some considerable time, including bed linen or clothing.

Keep ‘em clean

Keeping feet clean and dry, and also keeping your footwear clean and dry, can help the fungal infection forming. Wear light shoes that let the air in, or change your socks frequently if you need to wear boots during the summer months. Wash your feet every day, dry them carefully and use talcum powder to reduce perspiration if you’re prone to sweaty feet.

If you do get athlete’s foot, it’s tempting to buy some over the counter solution such as powders or creams and use those, but many of these don’t actually reach the fungal infection lurking in the hard parts of the feet on your skin.

How Hunt Footcare can help

At Hunt Footcare, we have a range of treatment options that target the infection with anti-fungal ingredients, so call us for an appointment, and we’ll soon have your feet healthy and infection free again. Call us to make an appointment in our London, Ingersoll or Stratford feet clinics.

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Published On: May 29, 2015