Foot and knee care tips for curlers

Curling is one of the most popular winter sports in Canada – 80% of all the world’s curlers are Canadians! However, as any curler will tell you, playing involves a strenuous workout for the body, and while the injury rate is low at around 4%, a knee or ligament injury can lay players up for weeks unless properly treated.

Curlers’ knees

Knee injuries are common with curlers due to the deep flex and weight bearing action of the leading knee. Equally, when players rotate their sliding foot outwards for better stability on the ice, they then place additional strain on this knee joint too. At Hunt Footcare, our team of foot specialists can help with expert diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods, including specialist supports for all types of curling-related ankle sprains, ligament strains and lower leg ailments.

Wear the right shoes

Proper curling shoes can prevent injury by offering proper grip on the ice when required, and a smooth gliding action when not. Like all shoes, ensure you get the best fit possible. Always ensure that you can stand properly in your curling shoes, to give you the best posture on the ice.

Ill-fitting curling shoes can put pressure on parts of your foot including the heels, the toes and the sides of the feet, which combined with the action of sliding across the ice, can cause a variety of pressure-related conditions, from blisters to bunions and corns. While a good fit is essential, over-tight curling shoes can trigger ingrown toenails.

If you suffer from bad posture, leg pain and heel pain when walking or playing, this can often be alleviated with custom-made orthotics, devices that slip into your curling shoes to correct postural imbalances or conditions such as flat feet. Many of our sporting customers swear that orthotics have actually improved their game, and curling is not exception.

Take care of your curling shoes

Like you, your curling shoes take the summer off, to sit in a cupboard. However, pop them back on, and the warm, damp atmosphere inside is perfect for fungal infections to grow, resulting in skin infections and fungal nails.

At Hunt Footcare, we offer a shoe sterilisation service that cleans your curling shoes inside, leaving them fresh and bacteria-free for the new season.

Take care of your feet

As professional podiatrists and chiropodists, we firmly believe that prevention is the best protection! We advise all our curling clients to always wear clean socks when curling, and clean your feet before and after a game, and infectious bacteria and fungae should have limited opportunity to grow.

If you do develop a feet skin infection such as athlete’s foot, or a nail infection, just book an appointment at one of our three foot care and orthotics clinics in Stratford, London and Ingersoll, Ontario. Our team of feet care experts will treat your infection with up to date methods and good old fashioned TLC, advice on ongoing treatment requirements and a plan to prevent your problem reoccuring. Our aim is to restore your feet to their natural health, so you can be back on the curling court as son as possible.

And finally… your broom is your best friend

It may sound obvious, but never try to stop a moving curling rock with your feet – always use your broom! A sliding rock can easily break your toe or damage your ankle. Equally, a broom in the hand can help you stabilize yourself on the ice and prevent you losing your balance.

Published On: November 17, 2013